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“I’m a Nanny and I have been coming to Ms. Cynthia King Dance Studio for the past year to bring the little girl that I take care of. My observation about the studio is Ms. King is very welcoming and caring to everyone, especially the kids. She gives hugs to all the kids and gives individual attention to each child. Her staff is very loving with great hospitality. It really feels like home when you walk into her studio.”

- Hillary, CKDS Nanny (2019)

“My daughter has been dancing at Cynthia King Dance Studio since she was about 2.5 years old, and at the time was attending the old location in Windsor Terrance. When we heard of the move, we thought, “we’re coming with you!” The rest is history. My daughter is now almost 8 years old and is still dancing at the studio. Over the years I’ve watched my daughter excel in her dancing skills, and seen her come out of her shell. I attribute this mostly to Cynthia King Dance Studio. The studio brings everyone together in community, which makes it special to me. It’s like family. The more recent exciting piece is that the school went international and traveled to Costa Rica. My daughter had an amazing experience and danced at local schools there. It was amazing. We can’t wait to see what next year brings. We love Cynthia King Dance Studio and highly recommend it, especially for those children who are really serious about dance.”

- Heidi Torres, CKDS Parent (2019)

“This studio is full of joy! A true celebration of life, community and expressing oneself through dance. My daughter has been a devotee since she was 4 and has had the amazing opportunity to perform on stage in their dazzling and very professionally produced annual performance every year. She has such confidence on stage now! The feeling of community, and community activism, is palpable and embodied by Cynthia herself, who connects with each student individually and also advocates for her values of not harming animals or each other. Love this school! Love Cynthia's crew!”

- Sarah M., CKDS parent (Facebook)

“CYGNIFY was my daughter’s first performance with CKDS and my husband & I were just AMAZED! We expected a good show yes but our expectations were exceeded by far. Every performance was well choreographed and the dancers did a great job. The music selections had us moving in our seats and the lighting was professional. My tears of joy were flowing beginning with the first performance, which my daughter was not in by the way : ) My daughter was so excited during her performance and after and she cannot wait for next year!  Thank you to all the hardworking staff at CKDS for an amazing year!”  

– Quana A., CKDS parent


“We are truly happy that we made the decision to enroll her [in CKDS]. We were looking for a place where learning the fundamentals of dance, technique, discipline and respect were emphasized rather than a dance school that taught dance just for the sake of dancing, which was the case at the previous school she went to. The teachers and staff are very courteous and professional – they’ve taken the time to get to know our daughter as well as her individual needs and abilities. After such an amazing spring performance, we can’t imagine her dancing anywhere else but here!”

– Marissa & Grantley J., CKDS parents


“We so loved the diversity of Cynthia’s show “CYGNIFY!” It was our first one ever. We were so impressed with how much joy and pride all children displayed during their performance. How seriously hard they all worked. The mix of classic dance training. Modern and Hip Hop is fantastic. This school is amazing and we are thrilled to have our kids enrolled. They are inspired and it has boosted their confidence. They are getting an incredible workout and I love Cynthia’s formality in teaching. It sets up their future posture and opens the door to culture movement and love of training!”

– Debi M., CKDS parent


“Our daughter attends CKDS and we are very happy with the studio. Mrs. King has a great philosophy that includes positive reinforcement, good health, and esteem-building. Dancers adhere to simple and affirming rules and guidelines, that help build good relations and nurture a creative environment. There is no obsession with body shape, and all dancers are afforded attention from the faculty. I recommend CKDS without hesitation.”

– Richard M., CKDS parent (


“Love this studio!!! Cynthia King Dance Studio is one of a kind…the instructors are wonderful and the classes are motivating. Cynthia’s energy is infectious – you will always leave her classes feeling so good about yourself that you can’t wait to go back!”

– CKDS parent (

“Cynthia is a lively, intelligent teacher with a great sense of humor and a strong knowledge of dance technique. What I really like about her is that she makes her class a safe haven to explore and learn ballet – no matter what age or body type you are – and gives genuinely helpful corrections in a nonjudgmental manner. Her classes are also a lot of fun, with great combinations that challenge you in a good way. [She also offers one] of the few adult ballet classes I’ve located in Brooklyn, and is particularly welcoming to adult ballet beginners.”

– Kris Waldherr, CKDS student