CKDS Programs Script


Studio Overview

We have classes for children of all ages (Pre-K to Teens) and offer a variety of dance styles (ballet, hip hop, modern, tap, and african). We are a pre-professional school with a focus on dance technique and artistry. Our students learn traditional styles, as well as, innovative choreography. We offer both a full school year program and short term seasonal classes.


  • Classes for kids all ages

  • Pre-professional program

  • Dance technique and artistry

  • Programs: full year, seasonal, company

Performance Program

*Note: always “pitch” our Performance Program first before Seasonal

Enrollment is currently open for our Performance Program, which runs from September through June. The children work towards an annual performance in April, at Kumble Theater.

The Performance Program is a good fit for students who are interested in a pre-professional track and want to perform. We value and encourage hard work and dedication from the students and offer a highly structured environment.

The students in this program not only gain professional performance experience but also can choose to be involved in community events as well.

Included in our Performance Program is a Spring Sampler - after the performance is over in April we invite students to sample unlimited classes during the month of May. This is a good opportunity to continue training and try new styles of dance.


  • September - June

  • Annual Performance in April at Kumble Theater

  • Pre-professional track

  • Highly structured class environment (curriculum )

  • Gives professional performance experience and getting involved in community/studio events

  • Spring Sampler - children can try unlimited classes in the month of May

Seasonal Program

Our seasonal programs are short term sessions (that run from 8 to 20 weeks). Students who sign up for seasonal classes do not participate in our annual April performance.  

Enrollment is currently open for our Summer Seasonal Program. This is an 8 week session running from July 6-August 24th. Classes are held only on Saturdays. (Show parent/guardian the schedule)


  • 8 to 20 week term

  • Seasonal students do not perform in April


Enrollment in our company program is by audition only. Those invited to join demonstrate a high standard of technique, artistic expression, maturity, and determination. Company members have class 2 or 3 times a week, from September through June, and participate in the annual April performance. We have 5 select company groups that vary in both age and technique level. Company members may also earn invitations to perform in independent productions and community events.


  • Must audition

  • Students who demonstrate high level technique, artistry, maturity, and determination

  • Pre-professional track

  • Meet 2 or 3 times a week (depending on which company group a child is in)

  • 5 company groups based on age and ability

  • Perform in annual performance

  • Invited to participate in independent productions and community events

Admissions Process

All new students are asked to come into the studio and meet with Ms. King or a CKDS faculty member. We will give you a tour of our school and answer any questions you may have about our program. The child will go into the studio with Ms. King (or Faculty Member) without their parent/guardian, and be asked to follow simple dance instructions. We are looking for students who can have smooth separation from their parents and demonstrate listening skills. Our tour meetings give us both a chance to see if our school is the right fit for your child. Following the meeting Ms. King may give you a class recommendation for your child.


  • Prospective students must meet with Ms. King or a CKDS faculty member

  • Give you a tour or the building

  • Child goes into studio without parent/guardian and follow simple dance instructions

  • Looking for smooth separation and good listening/following instructions

  • Ms. King may give your child a class recommendation based on age and skill level

Additional Information

*If anyone gives strife about the cost…

List some of these important elements that go into our programming and studio:

  • Pre-professional educational institution

  • High quality teachers - college educated, professional dancers/choreographers

  • Involvement with various artists (workshops, photographers, videographers, etc.)

  • Community events

  • State-of-the-art facility with performance space – sprung floors

  • Conveniently accessible by trains and buses, handicapped accessible

  • Comfortable seating for families / wifi

  • Long-term relationship with reliable, dedicated staff

  • Curriculum includes traditional technique and innovative choreography

  • Performance series with opportunity to purchase professionally edited photos/videos