Birthday Party Themes

We offer a variety of birthday party options catering to a range of ages from 3 years up! 

All  birthday parties include 45 minutes of dance class/activities, with 45 minutes reserved for refreshments and celebration in the lobby.  We provide the space in our beautifully renovated studio, trained teachers and supervisors, all eco-friendly party decorations and utensils, set-up and clean-up!  You are responsible for all food and drinks. Click here for more party information.  

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“Dance PARTY"

These parties include a dance class (ballet, hip hop, or both) and themed games, with special costumes and props to enhance the experience. 

Kids can perform for parents at the end of the party, where parents can take video to remember the moment forever! 

Red carpet photo opps will ensure each dancer feels like star on this special day. 






Immerse yourself in funky hip-hop beats and learn some basic footwork and freezes to impress your friends. At the party's conclusion, enjoy a freestyle circle (cypher) and dance performance by CKDS's very own B-boy or B-girl, which is sure to amaze and astound. Our dance professionals will play great music (requests are welcome!), lead games and party dances.... a cool party and a fun night for all ages.