Annual Spring Performance important details

Performance Countdown

Please take your time reviewing our performance information. Most questions can be answered here.

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Q: When will tickets go on sale?

• February 25, 2019. Click here to purchase tickets.

Q: Where will tickets go on sale?

Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts (click for contact info.) by phone, online, or in person.

• We can help you purchase tickets but we do not sell them at the dance studio.

Q: How much are tickets?

• Pre-Sale Week Monday, February 25 – Sunday, March 3: Tickets are 10% off exclusively for CKDS immediate families. A required discount code will be provided soon. Orchestra Front $36; Orchestra Rear & Balconies $31.50.

• After Sunday, March 3: Orchestra Front $40; Orchestra Rear & Balconies $35

• After Pre-Sale Week you may purchase tickets for any of the spring performances (not just the one recommended on the cast list).

• If you would like more than 8 tickets for a show, call the studio at 718-521-4043.


Q: Where will the dress rehearsals and performances take place?

• All rehearsals and performances are held at Kumble Theater on April 7, 12, 13, 14. The dance studio will be closed on those dates.

• Here are directions:

• As guest of Kumble Theater, we must follow their rules and policies. Please review them here Theater Policies.



Q: When will my child rehearse and perform?

• After thoroughly reviewing the Important Details, proceed to step 2 & 3 to view your child(ren) schedule.

• Students MUST arrive on time to dress rehearsal and be in full costume ready to perform when rehearsal begins.

• For performances, students MUST arrive 1 hour before the show begins.

• Students may not bring any personal or valuable belongings with them backstage. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

• Dancers rehearsing/performing in more than one show in the same day must be picked up after each rehearsal or performance. Parent volunteers are welcome to assist during breaks.

• If your student can to go out for lunch alone, please send us an email at

Q: Do I get to watch rehearsals?

• No. Parents are not allowed in the theater during rehearsal. Parents will not accompany dancers backstage. Staff will be present to supervise dancers.

• Drop-off and pick-up students at the stage door.

• If your dancer has multiple same day rehearsals or performances, they will have a break between performances to relax and eat a snack with family or parent volunteers.


• Costumes are distributed as they are completed and delivered (during Jan, Feb and March). UPDATE: ALL COSTUMES HAVE BEEN SENT HOME.

• If your dancer is wearing a leotard or tutu, THEY SHOULD NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR. A leotard is like a bathing suit.

• Company Students (Jr. Co., Rep 1, Rep 2, Pre-Pro): Will need a nude camisole. This will be available at the studio.

• Name in costumes, shoes and tights. EVERYTHING!

• Dress Rehearsals are recorded. This means hair neatly tied or braided in a bun, proper tights, costumes and ballet slippers or black sneakers, no nail polish or jewelry. The code for the mandatory pop quiz is "found it".

• Costumes are yours to keep.

• Tights and ballet slippers will be available for purchase at Kumble Theater during rehearsals and performances.

• There will be a quick change area in the lobby available for changing into costumes. 2nd-floor bathrooms are also available. Company dancers are permitted to use the backstage dressing room.

Q: What about hair and accessories?

• Hair must be neatly tied or braided back (in a bun for ballet dancers) for rehearsals and performances.

• Click here and here for the ballet bun-making instructions.

• No nail polish or jewelry anywhere AT ALL!

• Bun help will be available at Kumble Theater for $10 (cash) click here to RSVP.

+ Important Dates

• Studio Closed: Sunday (April 7), Friday (April 12), Saturday (April 13), Sunday (April 14). We will be at Kumble Theater for dress/tech rehearsal and performances with the entire staff. Regular classes will not be held.

• Regular classes will be held April 8, 9, 10 & 11 at the studio.

• No classes from Friday, April 19 – Friday, April 26 (Spring Break).

• Classes resume Saturday, April 27 and continue through June 10.

• Auditions for 2019-20 company levels will take place April 28.

• During our Spring Sampler, May 1–31, students can take as many dance classes within their age range as they like for FREE. This gives the students a chance to try different styles of dance.

• Registration for 2019-2020 school year classes will begin in May 15.

• No classes Monday, May 27.

• Classes end Sunday, June 9th.