Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers


Buy in-person: 21 Snyder Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Order by phone: 718.521.4043

Orders are shipped Tuesdays and Fridays. Orders placed by 11AM EST Monday will be shipped on Tuesday. Orders placed by 11AM EST Thursday will be shipped on Friday.

A note about International shipping fees:

We have used less expensive shipping methods in the past, but we found that the slippers were not reliably delivered on time. This was causing many problems for our customers. There were also no tracking options, and many packages were simply lost. As such, we’ve carefully selected USPS Priority Mail International as our method of shipping internationally. We find it to be the quickest and most dependable way to ship to addresses outside of the States.

We unfortunately don’t have control over the rising costs of shipping and agree that the costs are higher than we’d like.

Interest in our slippers continues to grow internationally. To accommodate a growing number of compassionate dancers worldwide, we hope to add to our list of retailers, especially in Canada, the UK, and Continental Europe. If you would like us to reach out to your local dance wear store, please provide us with their name and contact information. Ideally, vegan slippers would be easy to purchase wherever mainstream dance supplies are sold.


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When you choose Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers, you have  taken a graceful step towards reducing cruelty to animals and improving our environment. You not only help save the lives of the animals used in the production of shoes, but you also help to conserve the habitat of many others. Gorillas, chimpanzees, and many other species face deforestation and homelessness every day due to unnecessary destruction of their habitats for livestock production. Waterways around the world continue to suffer lingering effects of pollution from factory farms and tanneries, some closed generations ago. Using cruelty free ballet slippers directly conserves natural resources and saves lives.

Thank you for shopping responsibly and compassionately. 

Cynthia King