Cynthina King Dance Studio: Dancers sitting together


The ever-growing popularity of Cynthia King Dance Studio (CKDS) is a testament to Artistic Director, Ms. King’s great commitment to progressive dance education. A vital part of Brooklyn’s rich dance culture, the school promotes traditional training and innovative live performance. Our newly renovated, spacious studios house a fertile training ground for dancers of all ages and abilities. The CKDS curriculum embraces classical to emerging styles, inspiring dancers to strive for both technical excellence and meaningful artistry. Students experience real-world performance opportunities, participating in numerous local events as well as a stunning annual series staged in a professional venue.

Our highly anticipated spring productions feature engaging choreography in a wide range of styles, vibrant music, and a flourish of creative costumes. King personally oversees all of the costuming and set design for the series, consistently creating a remarkable dance event for all.

In working with young students, King and her faculty are deeply in tune with the children’s perspective, choreographing dance that captures their enthusiasm, depth and humor. Our children’s repertory includes dances about animals and nature, current and historic events and the purely abstract—with music ranging from Mozart to Coltrane, Bowie, Outkast and Sinatra. Ms. King has been influenced by the great choreographers Alwin Nikolais, Alvin Ailey, Abdel Salaam, Elizabeth Streb, Garth Fagan and many others.

King maintains a deep commitment to community building and activism–as students master technical skills and performance, they learn life lessons about the importance and value of being part of a greater whole.

Since its beginnings Cynthia King Dance Studio has brought excellence in dance to the Brooklyn community, inspiring the best in students of all ages. Now in its thirteenth anniversary year, CKDS continues to prioritize individual attention, innovative performance, and community involvement to create a unique and personally rewarding experience for all of its dancers and their families.


At Cynthia King Dance Studio, we celebrate art while maintaining a strong belief in the importance of excellent technique, discipline, focus, and respect.

We see students’ time here as part of their life education. Children have a natural creativity that they bring to the studio; we seek to teach them the tools to express themselves as dancers, while also exposing them to a structured educational setting. At Cynthia King Dance Studio they learn to respect their teachers, focus on what is being taught, incorporate constructive critique, and address performances with maturity and a sense of responsibility.

Our students, of all ages, learn to value the challenge in pursuing a creative discipline, and the importance of a sense of achievement.

Whether learning to be prepared and in proper dance attire before entering the studio, or how to stand in first position, our students are taught invaluable life lessons that will help them throughout their lives.

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